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Daylily from Seed - Continued

Step 5. Holding the stem by the tip of the leaf, gently remove it from the vermiculite.

Step 6.  Place the seedling in a small pot of partially fill soiless mix.  I use a few grains of Soil Moist for extra insurance.  

If the root is longer the the pot is wide, let the root form a circle in the pot.

Step 7. Cover the seedlings base with soil up to the point that the white part of the stem is covered.

Water well.  If the soil level drops below the green part of the leaf, add additional soil and water again.

Step 8.  When your day lily is big enough, transplant it in the ground.  

The daylily pictured is what is known as a hybridizers day lily.  If the petals were horizontal, the one pictured to the right would be seven inches across.


Daylily Bloom



Daylily Seedling in Pot



Daylily Seedling with Roots Covered



Daylily Bloom Size

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