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Tender Stem Cuttings - Continued

Step 7:  Dust the stems of each cutting with a rooting hormone.  You can use a zippered bag or something like an old 36 mm film holder or a small, empty prescription medicine bottle.

Step 8:  Place a dusted cutting in each prepared hole in the tray cells.

Step 9:  Water well, keep moist and place in a protected area with indirect light.


For plants with larger leaves, remove all but the top two leaves.  Cut off the outer half of the remaining leaves.  Proceed as above.

Begonia can be done the same way as persian shield, except do the cut the leaves in half.

Angelonia can also be propagated the same way, but you can leave more than two leaves on each stem.

Fuschia will benefit from a light  spray of Wilt Pruf as described in the rose by stem cuttings section.

Fuchsia Stems in Tray Cells

Persian Shield Stem

Persian Shield Stem Cuttings
*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of  house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines

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Tender Stem Cuttings

Tender Stem Cuttings - Continued