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Propagating Perennials from Leaf Cuttings

Leaf cuttings refer to both the entire leaf or the leaf cut into sections. 

Step 1:  The plant from which the leaf cutting is to be taken should be watered several hours before the cutting is taken.

Step 2:  Cut the leaf with a portion of the stem attached.  Cut the leaf into 1" sections.

Step 3. Place a small amount of rooting hormone with a fungicide** in a zippered storage bag.  Place the leaf cuttings in the bag.  Holding the leaf cuttings inside the bag, shake off the excess powder, then remove the leaf cuttings from the bag (wear rubber gloves, preferably disposable ones).  Avoid getting the hormone on the leaves or upper portion of the stem.

Step 4:  Fill a clean  zippered bag with just barely dampened vermiculite.  Remove the cuttings from the powder solution and shake off the excess powder. 

Step 5:  Place the cuttings in the vermiculite and shake the bag to distribute the cuttings.

Step 6:  Put the zippered bag into a low light location.

Rex Begonia  Leaf


Rex Begonia Leaf Cuttings


Rex Begonia Leaf Cuttings being Dusted


Rex Begonia Leaf in Damp Vermiculite


*Note:  Includes hardwood and softwood cuttings of house plants,  trees, shrubs and vines

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